World's Finest Chocolates Fundraiser starting this week!

This week we are starting our annual World's Finest Chocolate fundraiser!  One student per family will be sent home with a case of chocolates on Thursday.  We are asking every Talmey family to sell at least one case.  Each case contains 30 bars (or boxes) to be sold at $2 each for a total of $60 per case.  For every chocolate bar/box sold, the PAC will keep $1.  Our goal is to raise over $4000 to go towards student activities and teacher wishlists.  Some activities planned for this year are: ice skating, Bollywood dance, and an author visit.  

We will be collecting the money from sold cases every morning in the Multi-Purpose Room from 8:30-9am from September 26-October 19.  If you cannot sell your case of chocolates, please return it during the above times ASAP so that another family has the opportunity to sell it.  If you sell your case and would like another one to sell, you can pick one up then also. 

We are looking for  volunteers to help collect money and hand out prizes each morning from 8:20-9am.  If there is a morning you can help, please see the sign up sheet on the bulletin board next to the office starting on Tuesday, Sept. 26th.  Or send us an email (

We would like to thank everyone for participating and contributing to our students and school!  If you have any questions, please email us: