Our Continuing Learning Journey

Our Inquiry Focus:

This was another year of growth and change at Talmey.  Once again growing in numbers as the school has increased to 11 divisions from 6 in the last four years. We continue to build upon the foundations of the Talmey “S.T.A.R” motto: Safe Thoughtful Accepting and Responsible as we incorporate the concept of “Bucket Filling” into the daily recognition of our students social learning.  As a group, we want to get to know each other, find our commonalities and celebrate our differences.  We want to discover our collective strengths and interests, while also supporting each individual's personal development.

As we have scanned the students, we realize the importance of building relationships and community that are vital components of the Core Competencies of Social Responsibility. Our goal is to build and maintain a school culture where everyone feels supported, valued and welcomed.  

The scanning process includes: formal and informal observations, student surveys, monthly staff discussions and professional development day sessions. This year the PAC supported our daily “Bucket Filling” program by suppling a “Talmey Dollar” which could be redeemed by students on hot food days.

As a learning community of diverse cultures, it has been our continued goal to engage all members of the community in feeling supported and recognized. Through the lens of Social Responsibility, we have continued to refine the ways we support students who are feeling anxious about their school experience. Students have created videos to reflect this journey of common support.

July 7, 2021:

In refining our Inquiry Focus we surveyed all students from Grade 3-7 with the Talmey "S.T.A.R." Check up. The data showed a strong connection by students to the school community and staff. Smaller focus groups were undertaken with grade 6/7 students and highlighted the feelings of lost opportunities for leadership due to the health restrictions. With that data the Grade 6/7 Cohorts undertook a leadership opportunity to design and lead a Cohort Fun Day. All Cohorts were able to participate and experince the larger sense of community. Students and parental comments highlighted the sense of community that was created.




Updated: Tuesday, November 30, 2021