A Students Year End Reflection

Year End Memoir

Hello Talmey community,

My name is D and I have been at Talmey for about a year. I know I have been here for a very short amount of time, but I had an extraordinary journey being here.

When I came here, I was one of the shyest kids in my class. I thought it would take a while before I made friends. But I was wrong. Everybody was so friendly, and now I have friends. I can’t believe what I’ve gone through. Let me tell you right now.

This school year was amazing. There were times I was having a lot of fun and there were times when I was super depressed. There were times when people were nice to me and there were times when people weren’t. You could act like nothing happened, or you could act right away. Everything will depend on what you will do. Every single time, people tell me I’m too nice and I don’t take action. There were consequences for just letting everything be. Last year was a very heart-breaking moment for me. I felt like everybody was the same. People who act like friends, people who abandon friends, people who use us, and people who are not trustworthy. I may act like nothing happened, but there’s a place in my heart where it’s still bugging me. A place where it will take over me one day.

But I overcame it, and I don't think that anymore. I feel happy. I don’t feel scared anymore. I feel the joy that I never felt before. I have grown a lot since the beginning of the year. I am more open to others. I found my true self.

I had three very successful terms and everything we did was amazing.

I learned there are a lot of bad things around the world. I learned I had to be more aware. I learned that life isn’t fair, but I learned something that’s truly amazing. Friends. The key to your future. Would you pick loneliness, or happiness, with friends? I know no one wants to be lonely. Everybody wants to be included, in some way, shape or form. Everybody wants friends. Don’t experience what I’ve gone through. Having a lot of friends, and then losing all of them. I’m not saying that you should do what they tell you; I mean don’t let your friends, well basically everybody you see every day, let you down. You should be happy, for example all the fun things I had this year.

One of our favourite things that we did, were all the field trips we had. Science World, Art Gallery, Granville Island, Big Splash, and Play Land. Plus, some other things. All of them were fun, and most were educational. I enjoyed them a lot, and so did others. Another favourite thing were the people here. Everybody is so fun, and interesting. Everybody is so unique in a way. Thank you for that.

To all the grade 6’s that are becoming grade 7’s next year, I have some information to tell you to be prepared for next year. First, always try hard. It’s going to get harder, and more challenging. There are going to be ups and downs, but that’s juts life. Everybody goes through it. Be prepared for next year.

Thank you to my teacher, Ms. F.

She’s been one of my favourite teachers I have ever had. She is amazing working with technology, and at art. She helped me learn. She helped me draw better than I usually do. She helped me through tough times. She also helped this class and other teachers. She cares about us. She is an amazing teacher and a great inspiration to others. Talmey should be proud to have her.

And thank you to my classmates.

I loved this class because of them. You guys were fun to be with. You guys are a whole different group. Everybody is friendly, in a way. Everybody is helpful and this has been a very different journey because of you. You guys are fun, interesting, and different. I have never experienced anything like it before. But I enjoyed it. You guys helped me to get out of my comfort zone, and enjoy life.

Thank you to this school.

I wouldn’t want to go to any other elementary school in BC. This school has great memories for me to keep. It has basically everything I need, to change schools. I really enjoyed being here. The people, the staff, are so kind. Talmey has been a great motivation to move forward in life.

Thank you.

Updated: Tuesday, November 30, 2021