Our Talmey "S.T.A.R." Check up

During the  current year in navigating COVID-19, we again surveyed our students' with a Talemy "S.T.A.R." Check-up. Our survey encompassed both Social Emotional Learning and referenced the Core Competencies. The results confirmed our hunch as to the importance of being purposeful in developing classroom and school wide methods of enhancing and developing community so as to make everyone feel safe and secure in returning to the classroom. The survey also provided the staff with a reference to our committment to on-line Communicating Student Learning via the student portal and ePortfolios. This was a substantial professional growth opportunity for staff to undertake a new method of documenting student learning, while also under the new organization standards of "Cohorts" and required Public Health guidelines.

In reviewing the surveys the following independent comments were written by the students:

"The adults help me by explaining things that I don't understand."

"The teachers help me be the best I can."

"They support me." "They are good at teaching."

"They encourage me to do better and help me get better at my work in school."

"The adults at the school help me and support me because they check up on how I am and my mental health."

"They help us to be better with our learning."

"They help me learn and they are funny!"

"They always help us when we need help."

"They support me."

"They are patient with me and they help me understand."

"They support me perfectly!"

"The adults are good because when I feel sad or mad the adults help me calm down."

"Adults regularly support me by helping me when I need it, telling us to do our best and being kind to us."


Updated: Tuesday, November 30, 2021