Social Emotional Learning Continues to support everyone!

Continuing with the current year we devised a "Welcome Back" Wings of Hope photo board as a central point to acknowledge the joy of our ability to return to in class instruction. The utilization of Zoom meeting and Zoom assemblies maintained a sense of community amongst staff and students. We continued and refined our Tamey "Bucket Filling" recognition. The students suggested a keepsake item to support the weeekly Bucket Filling announcements. A 3D Star was devised with student input and printed weekly with the Libray Learning Commons 3D printer.

Our learning is reflected in the words of our students. "Thank you to every teacher that I have had at Talmey for helping me grow and always teaching me new things,  Mr. Zarchikoff for making my Talmey experience so fun, being so friendly, and for teaching me how to be a Talmey STAR."

Updated: Tuesday, November 30, 2021