A learning community, continually growing

Welcome to Talmey

Our mission statement embodies the philosophical beliefs of the Ministry of Education, the values of our School District and the uniqueness of our school community.


At Talmey we value the development of the child and recognize the special characteristics of each learner.  We encourage students to view learning as a rewarding, life-long endeavor and to set high goals for themselves.

As educators, we provide opportunities for children to acquire effective communication skills which will facilitate the expression of critical thinking and reflection.  We believe that learning is a group process as well as an individual process involving the home and the school.  Our aim is to develop a strong community of caring, self-reliant people.

Our wish is for students to develop a respect for themselves, for others and for all living things.  Our hope is to instill in our young citizens a sense of responsibility for the well being of our Earth.

Our School News....

Zumba Week

Thanks to our PAC sponsorship we are pleased to have the students enjoy a week of Zumba instruction. Each class will have multiple lessons during the week of November 25 -29 to...

Time Change Sunday at 2:00 am

Remember to change your clocks back one hour!

Welcome Back!

We are glad to welcome our returning and new families to a new school year! A newsletter has been sent to all our our families and contained information about our start up. We are...

Happy Summer!

We wish all our families a very happy and safe summer! Information about school reopening in September and the new Kindergarten transition can be found in the newsletter section.