Our School Story

R.C. Talmey Elementary is located in the Oaks subdivision of Richmond. The school was originally an annex of Tomsett Elementary and celebrated its opening with a parade of students and staff from Tomsett to Talmey in the spring of 1992. During the last 7 years, the school community has grown from a low of 6 Divisions to the current 13 Divisions. The continual increase in student and family numbers has highligted the need to concentrate on developing a sense of community and belonging as the school continues to experience growth.

Talmey Elementary School is a truly welcoming community of learners. It is enriched by the inclusive and diverse nature of our school population who have joined to together to enhance the learning opportunities of all members of the school. The Talmey Parent Advisory Committee is dedicated to supporting all learners in the school community and meets monthly to plan enhancements to the school’s vibrant and positive culture.

We are fortunate to have a lovely community park as part of our school grounds. This allows the students to participate in numerous outdoor learning experiences as part of their learning journey. During this year the City of Richmond replaced our old playground with a new natural wood all ages accessible playground. This has enhanced our opportunities to add to the richness of our outdoor learning opportunities for the students.

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